Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New 7" Split

So yeah, fair play to them, We-Be Records are doing us what can only be called a huge honour by pressing one of our tracks onto a 7 inch wide plate of pure green vinyl.  If you don't know We-Be they're home to These Arms Are Snakes, Lords, Caretaker, Tropics etc etc, basically a rad Bristol based label with a good heart and only the best intentions.

We're doing a split with good friends and long-time gig mates Mayors Of Miyazaki (who's A-side is a ruddy corker by the way) that's going to be 'officially' released on the 12th July at a yet to be defined London venue, via the medium of 'gig'.  Watch this space for info on that but more importantly, check out the We-Be link, they're a hoot!


Gareth from Mayors did the Artwork by the way, take it or leave it, I'm a taker x